The following principles guide KYMEA's decision making and operations:

  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules, regulations and permits
  • Communicate environmental stewardship and encourage pollution prevention
  • Educate members and support cost-effective energy conservation programs
  • Work to coordinate generation and transmission planning with other local utilities and energy partners
  • Consider environmental factors in planning, design, construction and operational decisions
  • Consider environmental generation needs

KYMEA adheres to sustainable business practices such as:

  • Supporting generation from non-carbon energy sources, including participation in regional hydro and solar projects
  • EPA Energy Star Certified Headquarters
    • Software to monitor the building better balance heating & cooling requirements
    • Rooftop units that increased energy efficiency by more than 15%
    • Roof with reflective surface to keep the building cooler in the summer
    • LED lighting outside and throughout the building, which consumes a quarter of the power of fluorescent fixtures
  • Educating employees and members to make responsible decisions that improve the quality of the environment we live and work in Recycling mixed office materials
  • Recycling mixed office materials
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