Our Vision

We shall positively impact our communities as a trusted leader of power supply and energy-related services.

Mission Statement

Through collaboration and operational excellence, we provide reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy services to the communities we serve.

Our Core Values

INTEGRITY: To conduct business in an honest, transparent, just, compliant, and environmentally responsible manner by holding ourselves to high ethical and accountability standards.
RESPECT: Encouraging constructive dialogue that promotes a culture of inclusiveness, and recognizes differences while valuing the perspective, talents, and experience of others.
FISCAL RESPONSIBILTY: An obligation to be accountable to the fiscal policies of the agency with budgetary discipline and affordable rates while practicing long-term planning and prudent use of debt.
MEMBER FOCUSED: We are committed to listening and responding positively to our members and their customers.
OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: We seek to achieve and maintain the highest level of excellence by performing in a productive and proficient manner, and adhering to best practices while providing a quality workforce.

What We Do

KYMEA exists to serve its members. Members may choose to enter into contracts with KYMEA for power supply or other services. Members also have the flexibility to establish projects for the benefit of one or more members, such as the All Requirements Project (AR Project), which has been created to acquire power supply resources to serve the needs of eight participating all requirements members. The business model objective of KYMEA is to provide cost-effective resources and services for the benefit of its members to enable them to achieve objectives they have set for themselves more efficiently and at lower costs than they could achieve individually.

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