IRP Roadmap Timeline



Development of Model Input and Framework, to identify and develop scenarios, resource options and business strategies to evaluate how a future portfolio might change under different conditions.


Site visits with the board of directors

Community IRP Focus Group to identify issues important to the public and lay the foundation for developing the IRP.


Analysis and evaluation, to include developing and evaluating the performance of multiple resource portfolios.


Presentation of Initial Results, with the release of the draft IRP.

Focus Group Feedback Period (Aug. 2020)


Additional Analysis, to be completed in response to Focus group feedback.


Preliminary results of the study, to include the IRP recommendation, near-term actions and key elements, and the final environmental assessment.


Expected Request for Approval of the IRP Recommendation from the Board. Nov-Dec. 2020.


Publication of the Final IRP by July 2021, on KYMEA’s website.

2020 Community IRP Focus Groups

Registration will help as we arrange meeting space that will suit the number of attendees and is encouraged but not required.

June Community IRP Video Focus Group

June 24th, Wednesday 10am - 12pm, 1pm - 3pm

September Community IRP Video Focus Group

September 2nd, Wednesday 10am - 12pm, 1pm - 3pm